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Welcome to EvryRNA Platform

EvryRNA platform is a web server providing various algorithms and bioinformatics tools developed in the laboratory IBISC of UEVE/Genopole, and dedicated to the prediction and the analysis of non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs). These RNAs are regulators of gene expression control and genome stability. They are involved in different biological processes, and some of them, including microRNAs, are known to be involved in many diseases such as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Their study provides insight into how living organisms function, including differentiation and cell proliferation, but also to consider new therapeutic approaches for genetic diseases and cancer.

EvryRNA includes many bioinformatics software for RNA secondary structure prediction and identification and prediction of ncRNAs including small RNAs (microRNAs, piARNs, etc.) in large-scale genomic sequences. These software correspond to different algorithms based on pattern matching and sequence algorithmic approaches, and machine learning approaches. They have the particularity, compared to the state of art, speed, enabling large-scale analyses, in addition to the effectiveness of predictions.

Protected work, the holder of exclusive rights is the University of Evry Val d'Essonne.

For questions about rights and access usage, contact Ms Tahi: fariza.tahi@ibisc.univ-evry.fr