EvryRNA : BiokoP

Secondary structure RNA prediction


    • The sequence should be constituted only with the following nucleotides: A, U, T, G, C, a, u, t, g, c.
    • The length of the input sequence is limited to 130 nucleotides.
    • By checking the box, you can use the following example sequence: AAGCCUUUUGGAUCGAAGGUUAAACGAUCCG
    • Using 1 set returns the optimal solutions.
    • Using more sets returns additional sets of suboptimal solutions
    • This option enables to display RNA secondary structure diagrams :
    • This allows researchers to develop hypotheses about which nucleotides and base pairs are functionally relevant.
      • Kerpedjiev P, Hammer S, Hofacker IL. Forna (force-directed RNA): Simple and effective online RNA secondary structure diagrams. Bioinformatics 31(20):3377-9. 2015. doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btv372
  • Press CTRL+D on the waiting page, to access results later.
  • Several sets of solutions are displayed depending on the chosen number of Pareto sets.
  • Each hairpins are displayed with the following informations:
    • Energy objective
    • Probability objective
    • RNA secondary structure visualization (if enabled)
  • Nucleotides are colored according to the type of structure that they are in :
    • Green : Stems (canonical helices)
    • Red : Multiloops (junctions)
    • Yellow : Interior loops
    • Blue : Hairpin loops
    • Orange : 5' and 3' unpaired region
  • Pseudoknots are displayed as red lines between nucleotides
  • Result file is a tab-separated text format with 3 columns:
    • Hairpin
    • Energy objective (kcal/mol)
    • Probability objective
  • Each set of solutions is separated by a empty line:
    • Set #1 : Optimal solutions
    • Set #2 : Pareto set of suboptimal solutions #1
    • Set #3 : Pareto set of suboptimal solutions #2
    • Set #4 : Pareto set of suboptimal solutions #3
    • (Additional sets depending on the chosen number of Pareto sets)
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