EvryRNA : ncRNAclassifier

Identify TE and TE-derived ncRNAs from other ncRNAs

Installation of ncRNAclassifier

  • Click on ncRNAclassifier and download the JAR file
  • Download ClustalW from this website : http://www.clustal.org/clustal2/
  • Copy the ClustalW binary in the ncRNAClassifier directory
    - On Windows, rename the binary to "clustalw.exe"
    - On Mac OS and Linux, rename the binary to "clustalw2"

Using ncRNAclassifier interface

  • Double click on the JAR file
  • OR
  • Put "java -jar ncrnaclassifier.jar on a termimal


Using ncRNAClassifier command line on terminal

  • Put "java -jar ncrnaclassifier -i 'genome' 'name' 'sequence'"
    - 'genome' is the name of genome where the sequence is (Ex: Human)
    - 'name' is the name of the sequence (Ex: toto)
    - 'sequence' is the sequence of STADEN format (20 nucleotides minimum)(Ex: ACGTAGCTAGATACTACTAG)
  • Put "java -jar ncrnaclassifier.jar -h for more options