• Advanced option: select a value between 0 (no rejection) and 1 (everything rejected).
  • Minimum probability for a sequence to be classified as Bifunctional RNA.
  • Plot feature profiles (ORFs and Codon Bias) for predicted sequences.
  • Localize open reading frames in sequences identified as Bifunctional RNA.
  • Check this box provides 3 files as examples: coding/noncoding sequences and sequences to predict. Processing times are described in the "Example files" section below.
    • Those FASTA files are constituted with:
      • 22978 coding RNA sequences
      • 15086 noncoding RNA sequences
    • Processing time (training): ~ 8m
    • This FASTA file is constituted with:
      • 500 coding RNA sequences
      • 500 non-coding RNA sequences
    • Processing time (prediction): ~ 15s


    • Processing times may vary depending on the number of requests on calculation servers.
    For any questions, comments or suggestions about IRSOM, please feel free to contact: fariza.tahi@ibisc.univ-evry.fr